Our Specialist Groups help further opportunities for members who are qualified experts working within the same practice group or industries.  Participation in one of our specialist groups helps members benefit from additional insights and resources so they learn from each other and serve their clients better.

Global VAT Group 

VAT legislation is complex and constantly evolving. Our experienced indirect tax experts provide a centre of excellence in the field of VAT & Customs across the world. Besides compliance questions, these experts can answer any day-to-day questions as well as assist you, among others, with the correct qualification of transactions, evaluations of contracts, VAT audits and setting up processes together with creating manuals and guidelines. Let them be your outsourced indirect tax team.  Visit the microsite for more information.

Global Transfer Pricing Group 

Transfer pricing is an important tax area due to many changes in the international tax landscape.  These changes have consequences for all groups operating globally.  Our global transfer pricing experts are available to ensure that compliance is readily addressed and, with the right approach, is robust and managed cost-effectively. Visit the microsite for more information.

Global Border Taxation Group 

In today’s global marketplace, more and more businesses are seconding or relocating staff internationally. The benefits of having experienced team members in key overseas locations are undeniable. However, dealing effectively and efficiently with the often complex taxation and social security issues can be a challenge.  With extensive knowledge and experience, our cross border taxation service can provide authoritative advice and support, ensuring you’re compliant with all relevant local and international legislation. They can also help with tax planning to minimise your liabilities.

Global Block Chain Group 

Our group work involves monitoring and communicating the many ways to incorporate advances in distributed ledger technology to our members by way of having an organized, strategic review of professional training and alliances available to us today.

Global Forensic Accountancy Group, visit microsite for more information

Global Mergers & Acquisitions Group, visit microsite for more information 

Global IFRS Group, visit microsite for more information 

Global Family Office Group, visit microsite for more information


If you are interested in learning more about CPAAI and MGI Worldwide specialists and practice groups or are a member and would like to explore the possibilities of setting one up, please get in touch.