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Hidden Outlook tricks for regular emailers & Microsoft updates

11 August, 2020 2 PM London Time (BST)

David Benaim

Founder - trainer - data scientist - MVP


Start: 11 08 2020
End: 11 08 2020

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+ Google Calendar + ICal export

11 August 2020, 2pm London time (BST)


We spend such a large chunk of time in Outlook, but there are many features untapped by most that are so transformational they could redefine the way you do email. Speaker David will combine the theory behind every productivity guru’s favourite approach to email “Inbox zero” with the latest Outlook features which can make this & other email strategies easy & simple to maintain. Our speaker, David, prides himself on being able to find any email in under 1 minute and never forgetting an email whilst having only one custom folder (not including the defaults inbox/junk, etc). Get ready to learn his secrets.

With Outlook, it’s not only that people haven’t tried clicking on the buttons to do the features, but so many Outlook users spend time to produce counterproductive tasks. Spending energy organising emails into a complex web of folders & rules can often cause more bad than good. Managing one inbox is hard enough but rules can lead to multiple, and search can actually be slower with multiple folders. The most frequently used search tool in the world is of course Google, but as we know, Google doesn’t organise its content into folders. Little know commands in modern Outlook such as search filters, quick steps, search folders (a command on the Folder tab), archive, and focused inbox should and do replace the need for folders in most cases.

David will also showcase updates to Microsoft 365 apps for the month, and this time we will explore new aspects of Excel’s data types and enhancements to Microsoft Teams’ meeting experience.


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