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Microsoft Teams for accountants

09 June, 2020 2 PM London Time (BST)

David Benaim

Founder - trainer - data scientist - MVP
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Start: 09 06 2020
End: 09 06 2020

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Tuesday 9 June 2020, 2pm London time (BST)


Twenty-five years ago many were apprehensive about the idea that email could replace signed letters, particularly in professions as ancient as accountancy. Over the last 10 years we’ve seen WhatsApp, iMessage & similar apps supersede certain email communications.

Thanks to their convenience, it is easy to fall into the trap of sharing sensitive accounting data through insecure mediums or missing requests or deadlines though poor searchability in chats. Microsoft Teams is the application that is poised to define business communications for the next generation. As remote working is critical at the moment, Teams has had a substantial rise in uptake.

In this webinar, David will subdivide Teams into four main components, we will explore all of these for novices whilst showcasing some tips and tricks for veterans.

  1. Channel based chat: A happy medium between email & chat apps. We will cover channel good practice for accountants, granular notifications plus speed up tricks and secret features

  2. Video calling: Microsoft’s Zoom competitor is one of Teams’ components, and its got some amazing hidden features  most aren’t aware exist

  3. File storage: Learn how SharePoint and OneDrive integrates with Teams. Understand search options and when files are shared where do they go so a balance sheet doesn’t get into the wrong hands

  4. Editing other apps: Excel & Word can all be edited within Teams, and get an overview of the great Planner app for managing schedules

Your webinar host

David Benaim MVP 
Chartered Accountant, Founder & Data Scientist

David Benaim MVP, corporate trainer & founder of Xlconsulting. David began his career as a chartered accounting training contract at Deloitte London and now runs a data analytics & training firm Xlconsulting in Cambodia which has trained over 1500 people and consulted over 100 clients in six years. David co-chairs the data residents Cambodia group, coaches speakers for Nerd Night, is also and a written & video blog author for UK’s chartered accounting institute. He has a YouTube channel with over 100 tech tutorial videos, some featured on the Microsoft Creators YouTube Channel and in Feb 2020, he was granted the prestigious Microsoft MVP award.

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