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2020 Global Virtual Meeting

22 October, 2020 6 AM - 6 PM

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Clive Bennett

CEO MGI Worldwide with CPAAI
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Start: 22 10 2020
End: 22 10 2020

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22 October 2020

Our first Global Meeting is going virtual this October – A unique opportunity for everyone around the world to come together, learn something new and network!

Join us live on Thursday 22 October for our first MGI Worldwide with CPAAI Global Meeting – A Virtual Experience and unique opportunity for everyone around the world to ‘dial in’, come together and network from the comfort of your homes. 

Join us LIVE on Thursday 22 October 2020
Event opens from 6am – 6pm BST London Time

Attendance is completely FREE!


Our first Global Meeting going virtual 

We want to welcome all partners, managers, and other staff from all MGI Worldwide and CPAAI firms to come along and join us. This is not a partner-only event! There will be a 12-hour rolling programme of networking opportunities, discussion groups, and presentations for everyone to benefit from, including some exciting guest speakers. If you haven’t had the opportunity to attend a Global Meeting before, then this really is a fantastic chance for you to learn something new, meet some new faces and build your international network.

The live event will have a rolling programme running from 6 am – 6 pm, but don’t worry - we are not expecting you to attend the full day! You will be able to dip in and out of the programme during the day as your timezone and your interest allows. Details of the 12 hour programme can be found on the above link so that you can plan your day and choose the time slots that suit your working day and time zone best.

We very much look forward to seeing you there for our first Virtual Global Meeting!

Why it’s important to register now

  • Who do you know in MGI Worldwide/CPAAI?
  • Who do you want to know in MGI Worldwide/CPAAI?
  • What countries are of interest to your clients?
  • Who have you done business with but never met?
  • How can you promote your firm or your country in the meeting?
  • Which speakers and sessions are of special interest to you?

The new platform we are using gives you great flexibility to plan your day, dropping in and out of sessions as you wish, meeting fellow attendees, creating meet-ups, setting up promotional meet-ups about your firm or country… and plenty more.

As well as hearing from some great speakers, this is about engaging with other members and involving your whole team. We want to make this as much like a real physical meeting as possible.

Register now and download the official event app to start planning your time ahead of the live event. 

Please share this invitation

Please share this invitation across your firm and give all of your team the chance - if only for an hour - to enjoy this unique opportunity to engage with MGI Worldwide CPAAI, network and learn something new! All partners, directors, managers, marketeers, IT support, HR, admins...everyone that you work with welcome! 

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